One Trusted System - Infinite Possibilities

We manufacture translucent wall systems that offer a variety of applications, including facades, cladding and screen walls, and pre-engineered systems, with additional specialty features as well. The extreme versatility of our systems, their modular construction, and their sleek, linear aesthetic allows for easy integration with other building envelope components. Designers are able to rethink daylighting in a creative and inspiring way with the wide range of color options available, as well as the potential for incorporating additional design features like graphics and lighting.

Translucent Walls

Facades / Window Walls

This two-panel system is designed so that the interior and exterior glazing panels are independent of one another. Our Removable Skin Technology (RST) ensures that if there is a future need for updating the exterior, those panels can be changed without interrupting ongoing building operations. The flexibility to replace individual panels, rather than the entire system, adds another level of dimensionality to a system that is already extremely versatile.

Cladding / Screen Walls

Our Pentaglas® system can be used for cladding structures that enclose non-conditioned spaces. The patented Pentaglas glazing is precision-engineered with Nano-Cell® technology. This specialized panel extrusion provides increased durability and prolonged resistance to impact. The unique cell structure also significantly improves the quality and even distribution of glare-free, natural light. Our cladding system can help modernize the building's exterior, provide backlighting, create areas for signage, meet hurricane standards, and more.

Pre-Engineered Walls

The Direct2Fab service is a fast delivery program for pre-engineered, automated manufacturing of translucent walls. Each D2F project moves directly from order entry to the fabrication floor. Our proprietary automated D2F engineering system essentially replicates the same methodology employed by wall engineers using computerized technology, thus streamlining the process and eliminating weeks of engineering and submittal time.

Specialty Wall Applications

Our two-panel system is designed with an internal cavity that can be modified with additional inserts to meet a wide range of performance requirements, including: dynamic shading, sound reduction, forced entry resistance, human impact resistance, additional insulation, anti-terrorism force protection (ATFP), and high velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ) resistance.