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What's Your Next Bright Idea?

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Quabbin Regional High School Boston Bay Architects Education
Olympia Regional Learning Academy (ORLA) TCF Architecture, PLLC Education, Sports + Recreation
Eagle Academy Shinberg Levinas Architects Education, Featured Projects
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Our Innovative Panel Technology

We have worked tirelessly to develop the most versatile daylighting system on the market to redefine the benchmark of what’s possible when imagination meets innovation. The internal cavity between the individual glazing panels can be modified, making the same system adaptable to meet building-specific performance requirements without compromising on the aesthetic quality of the building. This versatility allows our daylighting system to be the showcase feature of the design rather than just a utility product. We are proud to boast the industry’s best ratio of light transmission to thermal insulation, and we are committed to the continued research and development of our products.

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IntelaSun® – Dynamic Shading

IntelaSun® is a dynamic shading system designed for both skylight and wall applications. Internal louvers, called SolaBlades®, are inserted into our standard two-panel glazing system and adapt based on sensor data and user settings to effectively regulate and optimize light levels throughout the day, while simultaneously reducing heat gain and eliminating glare. The dynamic nature of the system enables architects to create adaptive environments, and offers the flexibility to design daylighting systems that have a larger aperture without the traditional risk of over lighting or overheating a space.

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Revitalize your environment by transforming an architectural eyesore into a modern daylighting system that optimizes building performance. We offer a variety of simple and effective turn-key renovation and retrofit solutions designed to reglaze, overglaze or replace existing systems that are underperforming or are in desperate need of repair due to damage or deterioration. Our two-panel system, with removable skin technology, ensures that your building envelope is not compromised in the future, as the interior panels will be able to remain intact indefinitely.

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