Direct2Fab Canopies

LiteBrow Suspended Translucent Canopy in Standard Sizes

Direct2Fab is a fast delivery program for custom sized wall-lights. Each D2F project moves directly from order entry to the fabrication floor.

CPI Daylighting's proprietary automated D2F engineering system essentially replicates methodology and heuristics employed by engineers using computerized technology.

D2F automation eliminates weeks of engineering and submittal time, allowing CPI Daylighting to deliver custom sized wall-lights at the same cost as standard sizes.

  • Delivery in just 3-8 weeks
  • Cost savings due to the D2F automated process
  • Standard manufacturer submittal package

D2F program guidelines include design loads, sizes and shapes


D2F LiteBrow Canopies

CPI Daylighting
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Direct2Fab LiteBrow
Suspended Translucent Canopy
in Standard Modular Sizes