World-Class Innovator, Designer and
Manufacturer of Daylighting Solutions


CPI Daylighting pioneered the first use of polycarbonate translucent panel systems for architectural applications more than 30 years ago. Constant innovation and progressive development have solidified our role as the industry leader in quality daylighting solutions.

With a greater emphasis on sustainable design, the need for natural light is becoming more essential and plays an integral role in the overall building design.  Our sleek customizable designs allow you to pair architectural creativity with superior performance, providing the perfect solution for all of your daylighting needs.

CPI’s innovative Quadwall® system consists of two independent glazing panels made from extruded translucent polycarbonate. This standing seam, dry-glazed system utilizes an internal batten, creating a mechanically interlocking connection that eliminates the need for adhesives at the joints and makes for easy installation. The internal batten also acts as a secondary gutter preventing water penetration into the interior.

Both the Quadwall® and Pentaglas® standing-seam systems integrate Nano-Cell® technology to increase durability and provide glare-free diffused light.


CPI Daylighting - where imagination meets innovation

All of our systems are designed, engineered, and manufactured in-house at our state-of-the-art facility in Lake Forest, IL.


As the industry leader, CPI Daylighting constantly strives to advance daylighting design. Our continued commitment to research and product development ensures that we are delivering the most cutting-edge daylighting systems.


CPI Daylighting’s esteemed reputation stems from the creation of innovative design solutions that have revolutionized the daylighting industry, such as IntelaSun, a dynamic daylighting system that optimizes daylight levels to achieve the most sustainable design, and UniQuad, a unitized glazing system, which has significantly improved the installation process for translucent daylighting systems. 

At CPI Daylighting, our experienced team of designers and engineers utilize their vast knowledge and extensive training in the field of daylighting to provide expert support to the architectural and construction community.

CPI Daylighting is your single source for daylighting solutions. Our team of professionals is here to assist you with everything from preliminary design and engineering, to manufacturing and installation. CPI offers both custom and standard insulated translucent polycarbonate daylighting systems, available in a variety of glazing color and finish options. Not only do our customizable systems provide architects with the creative freedom to achieve the aesthetic they are looking for, our systems also provide the best performance values in the industry.


Design Services

At CPI Daylighting, we partner with Architects and Designers in order to develop ideas and solutions starting at the preliminary design phase and continuing through the project’s completion.

Our goal is to ensure that the final project maximizes the potential of the daylighting systems.

Some of these services include:

Preliminary Design Guidance: Advising what CPI Daylighting product best suites the daylighting application based on the required performance criteria.

Preliminary Structural Calculations: Advising on snow and wind loads, providing reactions to support structure, advice on spanning capabilities, etc.

Preliminary CAD Details: Providing job specific details of custom connections, complex intersections, non-standard details, etc.

Daylighting Modeling: Providing job specific models to determine glare probabilities, foot-candles of light available on work surface, daylight autonomy, etc.

CPI Daylighting products offer both durability and versatility, ensuring each system maintains a superior level of lasting performance.