About This Website

All the information and guidance you need to add top quality daylighting solutions to your building!

Integrating world-class high-performance and visually appealing daylighting into your architectural project can be easy, economical and effective – if you have the right product and the right resources to guide you. CPI Daylighting offers you both.

CPI Daylighting has been leading the industry with innovations since the 1980s, and we are still leading the industry in terms of daylighting product selection, quality, service and innovation. This website continues that leadership, by delivering the most extensive online resource in the daylighting market.

cpidaylighting.com is more than a catalog of product information. This comprehensive site is a library of daylighting knowledge. Whether you are an architect, general contractor, interior designer, consultant, specifier or spec writer, cpidaylighting.com addresses all your daylighting needs.

The CPI Daylighting website provides the following resources:

- Extensive photo galleries to inspire your design ideas

- Daylighting design knowledge

- CAD details

- Specifications

- Technical data

- Energy data and codes

- Sustainability and LEED guidelines

- An extensive daylighting knowledge base

- CPI Daylighting product brochures

- Case studies

- Demos and videos

CPI Daylighting also sponsors continuing education courses on daylighting, including free courses and live webinars to keep you up-to-date on daylighting technology – all accessible from our website.

In addition, you can get a quote online, request product literature, submit your completed project to CPI's Gallery, and contact our Architectural Support Desk via the website, to support your daylighting project.

cpidaylighting.com is the only website in the industry that provides all the information and guidance you need to add top quality daylighting solutions to your building or outdoor space.